Prevent Roof and Gutter Damage from Winter Weather

Gutter Installers MemphisOne of the most common problems created by the sleet and freezing rain we experience so often here in the Mid-South, is the damage that it causes to your gutters.

Ice buildup in your gutters prevents the flow of melted precipitation to your down spouts. The backed up ice and snowmelt causes your storm gutters to overflow resulting in built up ice. The weight and expansion of the ice can not only damage your gutters, but also your fascia boards, soffit, and even your siding.

Ice dams are another common issue that starts when frozen precipitation builds up on your roof. The heat that escaped from your home warms the roof and melts the ice and snow from beneath. The melt then flows to your gutters (which remain colder than your roof) then re-freezes, creating an ice da. When these blockages happen, exposure to moisture is prolonged. As the ice slowly melts, water seeps beneath shingles, and into the plywood beneath, causing damage to your roof, fascia and soffit.

One way to prevent gutter and roof damage and buildup is to clean out your gutters in late fall, after all the leaves have fallen. Clogged gutters will accelerate the process of ice build up and overflow.

You can make the task of cleaning your gutters easier with the installation of a gutter protection system, otherwise known as “gutter guards”, or “gutter helmets”. We install Gutter Protection Systems by Berger® to block leaves and reduce other debris that can enter gutters, making it easier to keep them clean and efficient. Our professional gutter installers can also repair and reinforce your existing gutter system to strengthen their load-bearing capacity.

If it’s time to add a new gutters, gutter guards, or accessories to your home, set up a consultation & estimate with one of our gutter and drainage experts to evaluate your home’s drainage system, and see where we can make improvements that will protect your property from costly damages. To get started with a home drainage evaluation, just submit the Estimate Form here on our website, or give us a call at (901) 752-1232 or (901) 382-0132.