Heat insulation of houseIf your house is in a cold climate, keeping it warm in winter is expensive. The prices for natural gas and heating oil rise in winter time. Sure, you can dial down the thermostat and get used to wearing bulky sweaters indoors to cut costs. But if you’ve got an unfinished attic, giving it proper insulation is one of the simplest ways to keep a lid on your heating bill this season.

The Department of Energy estimates that a properly insulated attic can shave 10 to 50 percent off your heating bill. And it works the opposite way for warm climates; in summer, insulation helps stabilize your house’s indoor temps to keep cooling needs in check.

We can tell you exactly how much protection you’re getting from the few inches of attic insulation you may already have, and pinpoint things like air leaks that can be sealed to make sure your insulation will do its job well.

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