As we hopefully begin to wrap up what can definitely be called a long, difficult winter, most of the country is more than ready for warmer weather to arrive. As the snow and ice begin to melt away, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for spring.

Here is some useful advice to be ready for spring’s arrival:

Give Your Door Some Love
Restore the luster of your door by polishing the hinges and knobs with Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish. Paint or stain the door with a color that stands out, yet also complements the trim and siding. Put out a clean, new welcome mat — and make sure the doorbell works.
Photo: Nicole Hill Gerulat / The Nest

Repair the Walkway
Snow and cold can wreak havoc on your walkway. With warmer weather approaching, take this time to patch cracks and replace loose bricks and pavers. Rent a power washer or purchase a chemical treatment to clean up embedded stains in concrete, stone or asphalt.
Photo: Deborah Jaffe / The Nest

Clear Gutters
This can save you a lot of money on repair costs. Inspect your downspouts and gutters just before the spring rains start to be sure they’re clear of leaves, tree limbs and other debris that might cause problems later on. Clogging usually occurs at the elbow in a drainage system, where the downspout connects to the gutter. Since this elbow is relatively easy to remove, take it off and inspect for clogging.
Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

Freshen Up Furniture
Spray a fresh coat of paint on furniture and replace the cushions. Fill an empty spot on the porch or stoop with a modern bench or porch swing. And get your outdoor space ready for summer!
Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

Plant Foliage and Shrubbery
Strategically placed plants can conceal unattractive aspects of your house or yard. Place large pots or hanging baskets around the stoop or porch. Bushes or hedges can hide air-conditioning units or propane tanks, and flower beds and window boxes will stylize a stark facade.
Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest

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