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Without Proper ventilation, your attic will trap heat and moisture. Not only will this affect your energy costs, but it can cause damage to shingles, roof decking, insulation, and other areas of your attic and roofing structure. Trapped heat and moisture will attract mildew, and cause decking to warp and sag. Metal components like nails and fasteners will rust, and eventually weaken and fail. Moisture can dissolve the adhesives used in decking and underlayment, and in the winter time, will invite trouble from condensation, dripping, and frost.

What We Recommend

We install all types of attic ventilation, but more and more of our customers are opting for a modern and more efficient attic ventilation system known as ridge vents. Ridge vents allow heat and moisture to escape from the highest point in the attic, along the entire length of the roof. Not only are ridge vents one of the most efficient methods to carry heat and moisture from the attic, but their low-profile appearance makes them appealing to homeowners who are mindful of their home’s curb appeal.

Why Choose Lucius?

30 Years Experience BadgeWith over 30 years of experience in roofing, We have some of the best knowledge in the industry. Our team of general contractors and carpenters are highly trained and considered experts in their field. We guarantee that every job we perform will exceed industry standards, and adhere to the requests of the homeowner. Lucius Complete Home strives to ensure that every project we take on is performed with complete honesty, integrity and with the highest level of service.

How to Get Started

To get started saving energy and preventing costly repairs by improving your attic ventilation, just submit the Estimate Form here on our website, or give us a call at (901) 752-1232 or (901) 382-0132.

Lucius has an experienced team of roofing contractors and attic ventilation installers serving the Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Tennessee & surrounding areas in the Mid-South.